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Was geschah in Roswell wirklich?

Der Fall Roswell

Der Fall Roswell hat wahrscheinlich unter den Ufologen die größte Aufmerksamkeit auf sich gezogen. Bei jenem Fall handelt es sich um einen Ufo-Absturz, der sich am Freitag den 4. Juli 1947 nahe der in New Mexico gelegenen Stadt Roswell. Doch was geschah an jenen Tagen in dem kleinen Ort Roswell in New Mexico wirklich?

Hier sind einige Links zu vielleicht verblüffenden Dokumenten und Berichten, die das Geschehen noch einmal in Erinnerung bringen.

Die Links führen jeweils zu englischsprachigen Websites.

Pre-Crash Roswell UFO Photos?
Pre-Crash Roswell UFO Photos? From Dan Ahrens 11-24-2 ... All of the eyewitness reports of the crash at Roswell always are the same of a ... [details...]

New Compelling Evidence Of Roswell UFO Crash
Features this week are: New evidence for Roswell crash, ... The true story of Roswell crash, was given to him personally by Colonel William Blanchard, ... [details...]

Roswell - The Final Declassification
Public interest in Roswell has skyrocketed in recent years, and as a result, ... The object that came down near Roswell, according to the Air Force's 1995 ... [details...]

New Roswell Evidence Deciphered In Gen. Ramey's Memo
New Roswell Evidence Deciphered In Gen. Ramey's Memo ... Researcher Tom Carey provides the following data, "The Roswell research team of Tom Carey and Don ... [details...]

Original Roswell Crash Radio Broadcast
Original Roswell Crash Radio Broadcast From Robert Stanton 10-30-3. Hi,; I've written a few other times in the past and am an avid listener! ... [details...]

UFO Caught On Film At Roswell Archaeological Dig?
Comment; From William Burke; 11-22-2; "Roswell Rod". ... Roswell Rods. It figures. Comment; From Rick Berry; 11-22-2; I am writing you this note in reaction ... [details...]

Did A Congressman Find Data Confirming Roswell Crash?
Document Referring To The Roswell UFO Incident From Congressman's Office ... In other words, the Congressman has looked into the alleged Roswell event and ... [details...]

Roswell - Hoover FBI Memo Discusses 3 UFOs And Bodies
Hi Jeff,; I watched the special on Roswell that aired on the Sci-fi channel. They mentioned a number of crashed UFO's in the Roswell area at that time. ... [details...]

Friedman Jabs 'History Channel' Over Roswell Documentary
Perhaps you ought to view the 105 minute video Recollections of Roswell ... I found it the most enlightening and encompassing documentary on Roswell done. ... [details...]

Did Sci-Fi Channel Archeologists Find Roswell Smoking Gun?
22, when SCI FI airs "The Roswell Crash: Startling New Evidence," which will include what ... The supposed crash of an alien ship in Roswell on July 3, ... [details...]

55 Years Later, Roswell Remains A Mystery
On July 8, 1947, the Roswell Army Air Field in southeastern New Mexico issued a ... "The flying object landed on a ranch near Roswell sometime last week. ... [details...]

Roswell Vs The Critics
Skywatch International Inc. Executive Director Bill Hamilton reports he drove105 miles to the MUFON Orange County to hear the presentation by Roswell ... [details...]

Another New Roswell Witness Comes Forward - More On Ramey Message
I was at Roswell in 1947 to early 1950. I was as at the time a gunner in ... Major Jessie Marcel rode back to Roswell with us and I talked briefly with him. ... [details...]

Hier noch die original Radionachricht zum Ufo Absturz in Roswell

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